Management of a service desk for an international client

In order to benefit from a service centre managed essentially by an outside contractor, one of our clients requested us to make available to his users a level-1 support team. This team, made up of six people on two separate sites, is responsible for some 2,000 users. The same team are also in connection with relocated teams on five other sites around the world.

There are many areas of activity: for example, work station systems (Windows 8.1 then 10), messaging under Office 365, the applications used, telephones (Android, Windows Phone or iOS) and videoconference rooms. Support is 24/7 with rotation and stand-ins organised by the team leader. Standard procedure is to gather requests in the form of tickets, analyse then solve the issue.

When the solution cannot be found directly by the level-1 team, tickets are redirected to more specialised groups, though following up on the ticket and communication with the user remain the responsibility of the original team.

Functioning this way and improved with time, a rating of 90% of solutions found has been achieved and maintained. Such good figures are the result of improved ticket flow through various groups as well as applying ITIL service management practices.