Implementation of a Remote Desktop Services solution

Activity: Manufacturing

Workplace deployment project

As a Microsoft solution integrator, Sword Technologies delivered a workplace deployment project to a Geneva-based manufacturing company.

The challenge was to offer a flexible solution which fits the business requirements and specially the budget.

We decided to deploy a solution based on Remote Desktop Service to offer an effective work environment accessible from anywhere.

Our added value was to bring high level expertise in order to optimize the Remote Desktop Service administration and maintenance.

Our client’s request was to be able to internally administrate the solution deployed. Therefore we decided to offer a pool of engineering days to assist the IT team throughout the project on 2 aspects:

  • Technical issues
  • To carry out some tasks for which they did not have the knowledge internally

As a result our client is autonomous in the run phase, and we now act as an L3 support if required.

This project highlights one of our key differentiators: to have the ability and be willing to adapt our approach to a context and to fit our clients’ needs and strategy perfectly.