Performance and Monitoring

Who we are

Experts in monitoring and application performance, we are your guarantee to deliver an optimal experience to your IT users.

What we do

We design, implement and manage multiple solutions to meet your performance goals.

When there is no room for slowness, we accelerate the delivery of your applications whether they are hosted in your DataCenter or in the Cloud.

Our main missions

Measure the user experience and application performance

Implementation of monitoring solutions to proactively detect incidents:

  • workstations
  • infrastructure and network performance
  • application performance

Understand the slowness of your digital services

Delivery of audits and performance analysis:

  • Analysis of application behavior
  • Identification of performance bottlenecks
  • Recommendation of remedies
  • Validation of the resolution

Increase the efficiency of your application

Design of WAN optimization solutions:

  • On-premise applications
  • SaaS and Cloud hosted applications (Azure, AWS…)

Ensure the success of your IT migrations

Change impact assessment:

  • Analysis of the situation before the migration
  • Measure the experience during the pilot phase
  • Control of the performance after the migration

How we deliver it

We boast a solid partnership with the market leaders in performance and monitoring:

Riverbed SteelCentral suite:

  • Aternity,
  • NetProfiler,
  • AppInternals,
  • NetIM


  • Cloud and Infrastructure monitoring

Riverbed Acceleration:

  • Steelhead,
  • Steelfusion,
  • SaaS Accelerator