Support & operations

Who we are

We are a team of experienced IT professionals with broad technical knowledge, providing flawless IT support to our clients.

We will get to know clients’ infrastructures and goals to provide proactive solutions : fixing unresolved issues, monitoring their systems and supporting their users while keeping IT costs under control.

What we do

We enable our customers to streamline their IT by offering access to our expertise without the inconvenience of staffing issues.

Our team of experts responds to requests quickly, covering all our clients’ technology needs:

  • Server and Network Infrastructure
  • Computers and Mobile devices
  • On-premise and Cloud applications

We assist our clients in planning their IT transformation and implementing best practises:

  • Infrastructure evolution, documentation and regular maintenance
  • Updates and Patch Management
  • Monitoring and DRP

How we deliver it

Our team has exposure to a number of different businesses over multiple industries in addition to constant training on new technologies
resulting in a wide range of different skillsets.

We partner with all major IT vendors to provide our clients with the best products and services available on the market at competitive prices as well as privileged access to dedicated support.