Windows 10 migration

Activity: Architecture

Microsoft currently offers a free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10 until July 2016. As a consequence Sword is regularly asked to carry out such projects.

Sword has just delivered a W10 migration for an architecture firm in Vaud. The goal was to provide the users with the latest Windows functionalities and to standardize the workstations’ OS.

We started this project by a validation phase to enable application compatibility with Edge. Following this analysis and to guarantee interoperability, we implemented the Internet Explorer Enterprise.

To minimize impact upon users and business, we performed the migration in batches. The update was loaded beforehand on to all workstations using WSUS then launched manually by our teams. The downtime per user was no longer than 30mn.

Sword Technologies is carrying out more and more of these projects and has set up an easy and effective methodology to simplify user adoption.