Rationalization of IT fleet management tools

Activity : Health

Professional Objectives

  • Streamline the 3 device management tools (Prism, MDT, WSUS) using a comprehensive and progressive solution, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
  • Enable Windows 10 deployment in all 15 establishments under management (6,000 stations)
  • Enable Windows 10 deployment and ensure provision of Builds (Feature Updates) to all stations

Implementation solutions

  • Analysis of current environments to establish target infrastructure and working changes to be made within the establishments
  • Study of Windows 10 project impact, analysis of current management state and of associated processes
  • Definition of target based on project goals
  • Study of station management systems integration
  • Study of conceivable migration scenarios
  • SCCM infrastructure deployment : 1 primary server
  • Implementation of Windows 10 and application deployment services, update management
  • Recommendation concerning SCCM packaging methods and processes
  • Implementation of a task-deployment sequence across all Core, « New Station » and « Reinstallation » scenario applications
  • Implementation of Microsoft RDS solution enabling application tests on virtual devices

Results Obtained

  • System integration modelling (Figure 35)
  • SCCM service and infrastructure deployment
  • Quality Updates deployment cycles
  • Application deployment incorporationongoing
  • Windows 10 deployment formula